American Crude Oil Analysis Laboratory Research

American Crude Oil Analysis Laboratory Research

Summary: Today's crude oil prices will usher in two major events in the evening. The details of the US sanctions against Iran will be released tonight. At the same time, the mid-American Crude Oil Analysis Laboratory Researchterm elections in the United States will be held tomorrow, and relevant information will gradually be exposed, and crude oil prices may have a big market.

It also pointed out that if they have been long in the past four to six weeks, given the escalation of some geopolitical risks and tensions, they have achieved quite good performance. This market is in a firm bull market, and the New York hedge fund Again

It is worth mentioning that South Korea’s oil prices have skyrocketed because of obedience to the US oil ban on Iran. After Trump announced a ban on Iranian crude oil imports, South Korea was the first to stop imports. After stopping the import of Iranian oil, South Korea mainly imported oil from Dubai, but the price of Dubai oil was much higher than that of Iranian oil, reaching US$89 per barrel, an increase of US$2 from the previous month. While Iran sells oil at low prices because of the ban, South Korea can only watch.

Sinopec said that in terms of exploration and development, the company will adhere to efficient exploration and profitable development of oil and gas, and continue to promote cost reductions; in terms of oil refining, it will rationally arrange production according to market demand to consolidate its dominant position in oil refining; in terms of marketing and distribution, it will adhere to volume In terms of chemical industry, we will continue to deepen the adjustment of raw material structure, continuously improve the raw material structure, and reduce the cost of raw materials.

Yakovlev said that Gazprom plans to increase its daily production by another 20,000 to 30,000 barrels this year and another 50,000 barrels a day next year. The oil market is adequately supplied. But at the end of the year, Iran and Venezuela were very uncertain. We may have the opportunity to increase production further, he said.

However, Barclays Bank said the market underestimated the spare capacity availableAmerican Crude Oil Analysis Laboratory Research in Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kuwait and the UAE. The bank said that the US Energy Information Administration's recent estimates may have overlooked the 500,000 barrels/day of idle capacity.

According to 206 data, the Gulf of Mexico has about 4 billion barrels of proven reserves of crude oil, but the development of new projects usually requires investment of hundreds of millions of dollars and several years. The Gulf of Mexico Mad, launched by BP in 206