Crude oil market sentiment

Crude oil market sentiment

situation of Crude oil market sentimentcoal mines in Ordos region has continued to improve, and the daily sales volume

are reports that OPEC + member countries may postpone their plan to increase production by 2

Several aspects that junior investors should pay attention to

postpone the production increase will determine the overall supply and demand pattern of the

higher yesterday. After a long time of horizontal consolidation, due to the huge volume of

gains were dropped. Once Crude oil market sentimentthe market shows signs of weakness, it is necessary to comply with

oil price again irregular, short defense at the top, stop loss has few points! So "steady".

April 9, the total coal storage in the nine ports of qintang cangjiu port was 17.726 million

was 179.48 billion yuan, with a month on month increase of 11.1% and a year-on-year increase

crucial in times of crisis: it enables people to stay long-term oriented, think clearly, and