U.S. crude oil exports

U.S. crude oil exports

Sen disagrees with this view. She said that potential supply disruptions could threaten the production capacity of certain oil exporting countries—that is, economic turmoil iU.S. crude oil exportsn Venezuela, social unrest in Iraq’s oil-rich regions, and U.S. sanctions on Iran—that could lead to sharp price increases.

Unwilling to stop loss: There are many articles related to this issue. Some retail investors saw a stop loss and the price of gold rose back within a few days. Next time, they will have a fluke and stop the loss again. This is not acceptable. As far as I am concerned, losses of more than 0% are never allowed. Cutting off losses and letting profits run is indeed a wise saying. But then again, if you don't have your own profit model, your ending is to buy, stop loss, buy again and stop loss.

Nowadays, at the end of 208, OPEC oil-producing countries reached an extended production cut plan. Although the international oil price was strongly boosted in the short-term, from the perspective of fluctuations in oil prices, the upside potential is limited. Due to the continuous increase in shale oil production in the United States, the oil market has oversupply problems. It is difficult for oil-producing countries to solve the problem of imbalance between supply and demand in the oil market.

With so many positive fundamentals in the near future, $50 seems to be within reach for spot crude oil, but it seems to be out of reach at the moment. If there is no good news to stimulate the market outlook, the 50 mark may become the life and death line of oil prices. .

At present, the characteristics of international oil price correction appear, and the probability of the next round of refined oil price adjustment is expected to be greater. Li Yan, an oil analyst at Longzhong Information, believes that at present, the international crude oil market has felt high resistance, and there is a certain room for correction in the market outlook. It is expected that the next round of refined oil price adjustment is likely to be stranded, and there is a possibility of five consecutive rises. Sex is relatively low.

Novak met on Saturday to re-emphasize the mutual commitment of both parties to ensure adequate oil supplies, especially considU.S. crude oil exportsering the upcoming uncertainties in the market. The statement said that Saudi Arabia and Russia assessed global economic conditions, oil demand and potential supply risks.

Compared with oil prices in Venezuela and Iran, domestic consumers can be said to be very envious, because domestic gasoline prices are all above 6 yuan. At present, the average domestic gasoline price is around 8 yuan. The highest gasoline price is Hainan, 92 gasoline is 96 yuan/liter, and the lowest is Shaanxi and Tibet, which is 7 yuan/liter. The average price of No. 0 diesel nationwide is around 4 yuan/liter.

A few days ago, when US President Trump met with the Italian Prime Minister, he expressed his willingness to meet with Iranian leaders unconditionally, which also brought some relief to the tension between the US and Iran. After Trump's statement, international oil prices fell again.

At the same time, after the previous surge in international oil prices, major oil-producing countries have a strong subjective willingness to stabilize international oil prices at a relatively high point, and through the implementation of the production reduction agreement, the coordination of major oil-producing countries such as OPEC and Russia Capability has also been significantly enhanced, and OPEC's orderly control of global crude oil production will serve as a market stabilizer.