Crude oil contract

Crude oil contract

In the actual operation of crude oil investment, a single order may be 0 lots. Because there are too many lots, as long as there is a drop of 00 points, the loss amount may be large, and the psychological fear will increase. Finally, it is easyCrude oil contract to lose money because of excessive pressure. Choose stop loss.

Before the US sanctions, Iran transported 22 million barrels of oil to Dalian Port in the northeast for storage. At that time, the responsible person of the Iranian National Tanker Company stated that when the tanker arrived in Dalian, we would decide whether to sell it to other buyers or to sell it. Obviously, Iran will sell the 22 million barrels of oil stored in Dalian to South Korea, which can reduce costs.

After Trump condemned OPEC on the 28th, it was reported that Russia said that it could not guarantee the extension of the production reduction agreement until the end of 209, and may agree to the June extension of oil supply cuts, renewing the market’s swinging stance on Russia’s production cuts. Expressing suspicion, the U.S. and cloth oils once again fell back, and the cloth oil once continued to brush the monthly low to 69 dollars.

After U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin played down U.S. President Trump’s comments on the Fed and the currency market last week, the U.S. dollar rose slightly on Monday and rose across the board during Monday’s U.S. trading hours, while the price of oil denominated in U.S. dollars fell relatively low.

Since there is a trading center, there are true and false. If you are making a transaction with a member unit of a real trading center, it is generally true, that is to say, your money has really entered the pockets of these trading centers , This is the inner disk. If some scam companies set up privately, or are not recognized by the state, or they are simply scammed, then it is an external disk, or it can be said to be a private estate. This type of scammer.

According to data from London's ICE European Futures Exchange, the price of Brent crude oil for February delivery expires on Wednesday on 0, 0, and the price is 705 US dollars per barrel on the London ICE Futures European Crude oil contractExchange, down 29 cents; New York Commodities The price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil WTI for February delivery on the exchange rose 7 cents to $6 per barrel.

Capital Investment’s macro commodities economist Thomas Pu said that this may prompt OPEC and its partners, including Russia, to stop implementing agreements to limit oil production. Pu wrote: If sanctions on Iran result in a reduction in Iran’s oil production and exports, OPEC and its allies may withdraw from the agreement at the end of this year or earlier to prevent supply shortages in the oil market. He added: OPEC and its allies can offset the impact of Iran's production cuts and should prevent oil prices from rising further this year.

Affected by this, Notelli, the governor of Alberta, Canada, said that from December 209, he will implement mandatory production cuts until the news of excess crude oil production capacity. A total of 50,000 barrels per day will be cut and production capacity will be reduced to 50,000 barrels per day.