Algerian crude oil spot price

Algerian crude oil spot price

At the end of 208, the Sino-US economic and trade issues reached a consensus, which is undoubtedly good news for the next 209 years. The economic market tends to be stable, wAlgerian crude oil spot pricehich is conducive to the rapid development of enterprises. The total GDP in 209 was or higher than this year.

So many countries are not afraid of US strikes and say they will help Iran. The US oil ban is basically invalid. With these countries taking the lead, there will be more countries violating the oil ban in the future, and the U.S. self-directed and self-acted drama will eventually fail to achieve its desired results.

According to data from BP, even if there is an organization like OPEC to manage the oil market supply, the price of oil fell to a low of US$4 per barrel in 986. Without these restrictions, oil-producing countries would produce oil unscrupulously. It may fall to unimaginable levels. If the NOPEC bill is passed, the willingness of oil-producing countries to hold idle production capacity will also be greatly reduced, because oil prices are not valuable.

The smaller the account amount, the greater the trading risk. Therefore, avoid allowing the trading account to only have a fluctuation level of 200 points. Such an account amount is not allowed to make a mistake. However, even experienced traders may make mistakes in judgment. `

Daily reduction of 200,000 to 500,000 barrels of crude oil. Saudi Aramco’s largest offshore oil field SAFANIYAH suspended production due to a power supply accident, which affected crude oil production, affecting 200 to 500,000 barrels per day.

On the other hand, automobile exhaust is an important cause of air pollution such as haze weather in recent years. It is almost impossible to avoid air pollution from pure fossil energy consumption, but the cost of new energy vehicles is also difficult to reduce to that of gasoline vehicles in a short time. The cost is close to the level, so in order to further encourage the use of new energy vehicles and reduce air pollution, by raising the price of gasoline, the cost of using gasoline vehicles and new energy vehicles will form a significant price diffeAlgerian crude oil spot pricerence, which will promote the promotion of new energy vehicles. The development of the country creates a good environment.

There are two main observation points, namely, changes in production quotas set by OPEC countries and changes in their attitudes towards compliance and market share. In the 980s, due to the increase in crude oil production in non-OPEC countries such as Russia, the United Kingdom, and Norway, OPEC had reduced its production, thus retaining a large amount of surplus production capacity, which was of great significance to buffering the shortage of global crude oil supply; such as the Iraq War in 200 , Iraq’s crude oil production fell sharply, but Saudi Arabia and Kuwait immediately increased production, which made up for the decline in Iraq’s exports and successfully prevented large fluctuations in oil prices.