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          |MORE|Company profile

                 Ningbo Belun Wei Chang mold factory(Hereinafter referred to as Weichang) was founded in 2003, as a full-service manufacturer of various high-difficulty Aluminum and Magnesium alloy die-casting die.It has rich experiences in designing high porosity requirement die casting die.Weichang acquired a company of Ningbo WanboFengMold Machinery Co., Ltd in the year of 2008. Since then,it has been well prepared to the business of precision die,casting part and Part machining to provide one-stop service to customer.

                The company is located in the enjoyment of”mold town”in Beilun Ningbo;it covers an area of 8000 square meters,premises area of 9500 square meters. Currently the group has more than 60 employees,among whom there are professional die designers 10 peraonnel.The company has introduced in various advanced equipment,including over 20 sets of high precision CNC machine,high precision NC machine,EDM, WEDM,Slow WEDM,Spotting machine and other dedicated equipment over 40 sets. The company is also equipped with the most up-to-date legitimate software of 2set Flow-3D Cast simulation and CAD/GAM/CAE for two-dimensional & there-dimensional design.

                The company carrier out managing strictly according to ISO9001 quality management system,the company is also committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction through comprehensive one-stop professional solution,From product design,mold design and fabrication,production optimization to delivery,Weichang can provide customers with high value-added products and services.

                Adhere to the principle of” anxious to customer’s anxious, think what they think”,the company is committed to providing high quality and favorable price of the die casting mold, with shorter lead time & excellent after-sales service, which enable the company become a long-term supporting mold supplier.

                The company has established long term cooperation with well-known companies, such as German FRECH,Buhler in Switzerland,LK Group etc.


          Add:No.88 Yingluohe Road,Daqi Town,Beilun,Ningbo,China  Tel:0574-86111372-808  Fax:0574-86104715   E-mail:nbwcmj@vip.163.com
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